Our Life

Community Life

As Little Sisters we believe that Christ has called each of us and gathered us together, from all over the world, to share a common vocation and witness to his love. Each day we cross cultural and generational boundaries to form one family in the Lord. Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist and served in the person of the elderly poor is the center and source of our unity.

Saint Jeanne Jugan chose the Holy Family of Nazareth as our model for community life: See how Jesus, Mary and Joseph loved one another, she said, how happy they looked, with what kindness and gentleness they spoke to each other. In our little family, it must be the same.

Our experience with the elderly enables us to provide our older Little Sisters with the care and attention they need. They, in turn, share their wisdom with the young and enrich our communities by their example of courage, joyful fidelity and trust in God's Providence.

"A community of Little Sisters, living in complementarity and unity, gives unassuming witness of the unselfish and joyous charity of Christs disciples. From fraternal life flows great apostolic energy; each one feels involved and no one acts on her own: her task is always the work of the hospitaller community. The apostolic mission is a strong bond for the community, by which all the Little Sisters come to share the same sentiments, in humility, peace and love for God" (Constitutions).