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Founders and Unity Life About little sisters of the poor guntur

Among the people of God, Our apostolic vocation places us continually in the heart of earthly realities and the same time calls us to turn incessantly towards eternity, thus to all who are journeying towards the kingdom we are invited to show respect for life, of which God alone is the master and the transcendency of spiritual goods and eternal values.

Little sisters of the poor: Home for the Aged

Our home in Guntur started on June 21st 1982.

Little Sisters of the Poor: Foundress Feast Aug 30

Jeanne Jugan foundress of the little sisters fo the poor was born in france. In winter 1839 she opened her heart and door of her house courageously lifted an old woman out of misery and devoted her life to her care and to many like her. Thus began the congregation of the Little Sisters of The Poor. Today the Little Sisters are serving the elderly in 30 countries all over the world. Our charism is the grace of hospitality towards the poor aged.

1792 - 1879

Today the work which St Jeanne Jugan began brings help to the elderly poor. In the eyes of a Little Sisters comprises more than simply providing for the needs of their bodies... It includes the privilege of witnessing to the providential care of our Heavenly Father and who have reached the final stage of their life.

On this journey we accompany them with love, compassion & care also preparing to meet their Lord & God our loving Father.

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Already our presence in Guntur is 34 year, we care for the poor elderly women and men above the age of 65, irrespective of caste or creed free of cost they are provided with care and affection in order to spend their last days gracefully in peace and job. At present we have 85 aged poor. For the running of the Home A we depend entirely on public charity.

We would certainly be very happy if you could kindly pay a visit to our home.There is also a possibility of sponsoring meals for your important occasions, house hold articles and donations are acceptable. Phone NO: 0863 - 2293357

Founders and Unity Life About little sisters of the poor guntur

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Unity Life About little sisters of the poor guntur
Founders little sisters of the poor guntur
Life About little sisters of the poor guntur
About little sisters of the poor guntur