Our Mission

Our Mission

We care for the elderly poor in the spirit of humble service which we have received from Jeanne Jugan. We welcome the elderly as we would Jesus Christ Himself and serve them with love and respect until death.

Our Values

We adhere at all times to the Philosophy, Ethics and Moral Law of the Catholic Church, from whom the Congregation has received its mission.


Our mission is sealed by the vow of hospitality. Consecrated Hospitality witnesses to the Mercy of the Father and the Compassionate Love of the Heart of Jesus.


We show respect for life and for the dignity and uniqueness of every person.

Family Spirit

We welcome the elderly into a family-like home with understanding and mutual concern.


We accompany the elderly on the last stage of their journey through life. We accompany them to the door of eternity by an attentive presence and skilled palliative care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue the charismatic inspiration of Jeanne Jugan in today's world using all modern means to improve care for the elderly and to promote their role in society. We desire to show to all with whom we come in contact, the primacy of eternal values and the boundless love of God.